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2024 Men’s Club Info


$70.00 Membership Fee.  Includes GHIN Handicap.

Monthly tournaments are held right around the middle of each month on varying Friday and Saturday.  Tournament fee is $15. Money collected are distributed as cash prizes to the tournament winners. This
 includes the "closest to the pin" challenge for par 3s. A schedule of tournament formats is issued by the board at the beginning of each year.  Individual, 2 man and 4 man team tournaments are scheduled thoughout the year. Year Schedule.

At the Board's discretion, special tournaments will sometimes be set up.  These tournaments are usually part of the normal tournaments and usually use scores from several regular tournaments to create another tournament.  A fee will be paid for the special tournaments and prize money will be rewarded.  Participation is voluntary.  

Each year a Club Championship is held, and a gross and net Club Champion is decided.  Also net and gross winners from each flight is decided.  Rules are decided by the Board and can change slightly from year to year.  Club Championship rounds are now played on 2 consecutive saturdays in October,  The 2 rounds are averaged.

Deadline for tournament entry is usually a week before the scheduled tournaments.  There is a signup sheet for both Friday and Saturday at the BCMGA bulletin board at the golf course.  The tournament Director can also be called, texted or e-mailed to arrange to be signed up for a tourney.  Arrangements with the tournament director can usually be made for late entries.  Guests are welcomed, but unless the guests are from out of town, guests are expected to join if they play more than two rounds a year.  Generally tournaments start at 0800 in the winter months and 0700 in the summer months.  Tournament participants are expected to check in at least ½ hour before the start.  If they cannot be there that early, then they are expected to have one of their fellow golfers check in for them.


A free luncheon for those who play in the club championship.

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